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Financial Planning Overview

Financial Planning is an often misunderstood concept.  The overall goal of Financial Planning is to integrate tax, insurance, and investment planning into a comprehensive plan that helps individuals and families alike strategically maximize their assets to reach their financial goals.

Personal Financial Planning Coordinates:

Tax Management
Risk Management
Retirement Income Planning
Education Funding
Investments & Asset Allocation
Estate Planning

Building A Financial Future Has Three Phases:

Financial Foundation

Cash Management- Analysis of budgeting, debt management and tax management to improve cash flow, create more discretionary income and reduce or defer income tax liability.
Risk Management- Evaluation of insurance and asset protection to reduce exposure to a devastating financial loss from a catastrophic event such as a premature death,  disability or lawsuit.
Liquidity- Help ensure an adequate cash reserve for emergencies and opportunities.

Accumulation of Wealth

Creating an appropriate allocation model and efficient portfolio management are the primary components in the wealth accumulation stage.  Such goals may include:

- Retirement Income Planning
- Education Funding
- Wealth Creation

Preservation of Capital

To help prevent erosion of your wealth through estate taxation and liability exposure, it is important to preserve your capital with wills, trusts, and tax reduction strategies.